Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Runaways - A Review

This is the frugging Runaways!

I was ecstatic when I knew they were making a movie about Joan Jett. the rock goddess.

But the movie was just okay. Like... so-so okay...

From the movie point of view, the plot development was rather slow. Yea we get all the explanation about how the band came about and how hard it was trying to make it in the men's world. Blah blah blah.

It wasn't until halfway through the movie that we actually get to see some rock and roll.

But I gotta give credits to the movie for depicting the original Runaways to such accuracy. I mean, no one really know for sure how accurate the whole thing was. But I was definitely amazed at the details like the way the original band dressed, down to Joan Jett's guitars, down to the fact that they were popping pills and having sex with each other. Yup, female hot sweaty lesbian sex.

And Kirsten Stewart ROCK SHIT in this movie. Seriously, what the heck is she doing in shit movies like Twilight? She so fugging kick ass as the bra-less potty-mouthed chic rocker. Here's to professionalism. She actually learned to smoke and all. Plus she kissed her co-star on screen. Dang. She is so fugging HOT I want to do her!

Dakota Fanning was suppose to be the highlight, playing Cherry Currie and all. But I gotta admit that she sort of faded into the background standing next to Kirsten Stewart. I get it that she is trying to shed the child star innocent cutesy image by trying to be a bad girl. But seriously, every time I look at her I think of the sweet 7 year old I saw in I Am Sam.

But dude, I can't believe the vulgarity allowed in this movie. Not your average family movie. It is almost surreal with all the F-word flying around like nobody's business. Not to mention the obvious bad habits like lots of alcohol, sex and drugs. Which is exactly why this movie feels almost surreal and true. Not to say all rockers do that but you get the idea.

From a movie point of view, not exactly a highlight. Hardly memorable. But it is about fugging JOAN JETT!!

Ratings: 5.5/10

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InsaNe said...

Joan Jett/Kirsten Stewart is ROCK!!!!! FTW~

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