Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Crazies : A Review


The government engineered some virus and intended to send the prototype for storage but the plane crashed and now it has became a global pandemic which is transmitted through water.

The little town where Timothy Olyphant played the Sheriff was infected and the whole town was exterminated by nuclear weapon.

So guess what?

The Crazies is the classic version of 28 Days Later, and this remake sort of sucks.

Okay, there were sufficient horror, sufficient blood, sufficient scares, etc. But everything is so fake. The blood is so fake, the horror is almost like Final Destination except the main characters don't die, and the scares are all jump scares. You will have the silence, the dark, the creepy music telling the audiences to brace for a jump scare. So when the jump actually comes, I had to pretend to be scared. Sucks.

And the four survivors which then came down to only two, seemed too calm for a disaster like this. Really. They even had time to go back to their old house to pack up and fix an old car for the road only to be almost killed by two infected Crazies.

Everything is so cliche I fight to not to sleep through the movie.

Ratings : 4/10.


insane said...
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insane said...

Dun compare this to 28 weeks later~ This is totally no feeling at all.. not even scary... =.=
The sheriff is totally like superman in the movie~
Carriers is much more better then this!!!


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