Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Team : A Review

A movie packed full of testosterone.

And very sophisticated fake action.


Sophisticated fake action.

Didn't watch the original. Didn't know if the action scenes are the same but upgraded to suit modern times or totally new. But seriously, I am quite sure the screen writers didn't know shit about physics. And the director and choreographers went along with them.

Is it even possible for navigate through the air in a tank by firing stuff?

And seriously, Newton's Third Law is totally omitted when the damn tank hit the water. With so much force and so much height, they should disintegrate the moment they brush through the atmosphere. And dropping from such height, they should be hitting the water like hitting a surface harder than concrete!

And they survived.

With big ass guns and big ass egos.

The stunt choreography wasn't bad at all, comparing the scale of what is done here. A little too perfect so to say.

And of course, watching a movie like this, we get to see the bad boys. Bradley Cooper has a body so hot it can melt the Arctic.

And Liam Neeson is just, naughty!

Ratings : 5/10. Nothing to shout about.

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