Monday, November 8, 2010

RED - A Review




An adaptation from comics, this is another movie that consists of all the icons of the yesteryear. However, unlike The Expendables, this is surprisingly, not a flop.

Bruce Willis plays an retired CIA black ops spy that is hunted by young hot gun Karl Urban because the current Vice President ordered a hit list. Bruce Willis then kidnaps his phone crush Mary-Louise Parker, recruits other retired agents the likes of Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren to shoot everything up to clear his name.

This movie has practically zero plot twists, no surprises, no character development, no nothing. It works solely on the magic created by the bench of amazing actors, which are astounding people who can carry the load of the whole movie individually. So when you put all these icons together, imagine the explosive chemistry in it!

I personally like Bruce Willis better in Die Hard. He is still very hard to die in this movie, and they totally over-rate him as a RED in this movie, 'cause he looks pretty much like a hopeless romantic pussy in this movie. The only thing I remember him doing in the entire movie was "walking" out of a car with the bumper missing him by inches and firing shots.

I gotta admit that the older folks blew the whole movie out of the water. Helen Mirren may be forever Queen Elizabeth to others but she is forever one of my favourite female action stars now. Yes. Helen Mirren. ACTION star. She is so fugging hot in this movie, and she yielded whatever guns like she has done this line of work all her life. Very very very convincing, and freaking amazing!

Whaddaya expect from a woman her calibre?

I also love the mix of Morgan Freeman's old wise man aura and John Malkovich's eccentricity. Malkovich totally provided the humour here which is downright ridiculous but we all forgive him because he is THAT good. However, it is almost regrettable that Morgan Freeman didn't get much screen time.

This is one entertaining movie where the actors' chemistry is so good that the story no longer matters. Also, I enjoyed watching the action sequences and the cliche yet funny lines! And dang, I fugging love Helen Mirren!

Ratings : 6.5/10

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