Sunday, June 21, 2009

Writer's Block

I am soooo suffering from verbal constipation...
Gone were the days of my daily blog updates... Mostly because I am busy with studies and projects. But sometimes, I just sit in front of the laptop and stare. Hell, I don't even go to YouTube that often anymore.

Earlier, I was involved with one major event, that is the Welcoming Concert. Now, I am in another project, New Village. This is practically a writing project where I am assigned to research about food and product in Malim Nawar with 3 other teammates, the resourceful Julian who is our guide, the outgoing Black who makes our trips enjoyable and also the good-natured Yan Qian who gives cool insights.

Besides events and projects, I am super busy with reports, assignments, tutorials, and of course lecture preparations. Degree is not easy. We are no longer spoon-fed every single step, though they still do it some times. But we are mostly on our own to study and get ready before the lecture. However, I still do not like the current concept that they are doing it for FINALS. I mean, yes, we are doing things ourselves now. But most of my coursemates do it with the aim of "scoring in Finals" or "for the sake of lab test" or "cover what I need to cover for exams". Doesn't it totally defeats the purpose of education? What do one learn or remember after the quiz or exams? And don't one make notes because he/she want to learn the right thing instead of "for the sake of lab test"?

Though I have tonnes of work to do, many assignments due soon, but I am trying to have fun learning and doing things. I rather be holistic than a mechanical robot that swallows and regurgitates things. I do it for the sake of knowledge and experience, not for the sake of exams or A's or CGPA or, hell, to impress other people. I don't understand why some people have the idea that I am a sick psychopath that aims for CGPA 4.0 or that I am taking up post because I want to be popular. I am just someone demanding perfection because I want to learn or do it right, not because I want to impress people or show off to others. I yearn for knowledge, not A's.

However, though life is busy, but I enjoy it very much.

Kicking and screaming... That's LIFE

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