Sunday, June 14, 2009

Welcoming Concert June 2009


After one week hiatus from dear Ryanne... You guys must be wondering what happen to my daily updates... Sincere apologies to my readers, I was very very very busy for the past week over Welcoming Concert. Rehearsals and briefings and meetings and all... I didn't get to sleep properly over the last few days also...

I was extremely busy over briefings on Monday and Wednesday and also rehearsals on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Friday night, I broke my personal record by staying in the Heritage Hall until 3am, doing the backdrop. That is an astounding 19 hours in campus!! I slept for about 2 hours then went back to campus at 8.30am on Saturday, for the concert...

Well, sorry to say that I cannot provide a visual feast on the concert... Most of the pictures I have are pre-production (rehearsal time) and also post-production (after the concert). I have yet to compile a full album of photos from everyone. Even those photos were not really of quality, because mostly it was taken in a hurry or taken by shaky hands (ahem... you know who you are...) So, anyone with footage of the event, please share with me!!

These are the point of view from the Programme Manager~~

Chai Yi Bin and his Canon Rock... I have to say his fingers are FAST!!

Christian Fellowship Band performing That's What You Get, Only Hope and also Our Lives.
They were our closing act. Kyle belting out the numbers while Andrea plays kickass electric guitar!!

Ash and Absolute Zero!! I have to say this band is the BEST!!
Andy and Kelvin both rock out!! Bassist Kenny is soooo COOL!! And leng chai also!!

Technical crew, lead by Julian, standing by.

This is the reason why I left campus at 3am the night before concert.
RADIANCE really took a hell lot of effort to put up!!

Alan and his crew ROCK!!! They put in soooo much effort and time in this. And despite many tries and failure, they never gave up.
Finally, it is on the stage, radiating!!

Final setting up before we leave...

Ever wonder how we support the whole backdrop structure?

This is how it is, right before the show starts!!

Audience filling in the hall. I love Alan's design of the hall...
Not too bright to spoil the concert mood but dark enough for the light "radiating" into the hall.

One of those very very impressive decoration at the side of the hall.

Eugene the chairman taking pictures while resting.

Me and Patrick, the vice chairman

Me and the kickass Chinese Drummer.
She was our opening act. Her drum skill ROCK TO THE MAX!!

Me and Ken Ee, the very very geng and leng chai bassist who played for both Absolute Zero and Char Siew Pau

After a hard day's work, the helpers are resting on VIP chairs...

My able helper, Kenny.
Without you, I wouldn't have done it!!

The backdrop genius, Alan(middle) and stage manager, Siu Siu (right)

The programme team, me (left), stage manager Siu Siu (center), technical manager Julian (right)
You guys rocks!!
Thanks for cooperating with me soooo much!!

I guess these are the pictures so far... Will put it up when I get all the pictures...
I really enjoy doing this event. I learned sooo much from the people in the committee as well as from the helpers.
Nelson, you taught me so much about managing events and doing things the diplomatic way.
Siu Siu, you taught me to be organised and be in control.
Julian, you taught me how to laugh when I am stress.
Qian, you taught me how to remain calm when there are sooo much to do.
Alan, you taught me how to solve problems when everything else seemed to fail.
Black, you taught me not to worry too much and do my best.
Melvin, you taught me how to coordinate and just do what I can.

Special thanks to YY, Black and Julian.
Sorry I took you guys as my punching bag. I was very very stress but you guys helped me go through it nicely.

Special thanks to GOR GOR.
Thanks for the great advice and also the food. You calling every now and then checking up on me really touched me!!
Thanks for caring and loving your dear mui mui soooo much!!

All in all, I couldn't say enough thank you!!



nelson leong said...

i wanna say that you muz confident with all your works...
you are willing to do yr works..

im happy that as a program head, have a good program manager...

you done a great job and lastly i wanna say sorry that during the process of welcoming concert, if i have any words that hurt you, i wanna say sorry about that.

and hope can cooperate in the future.

Ryanne said...

nah... i learn so much from you...
i am so proud to be working under you as programme manager cause really good chance to learn from you!!

thanks for all the great job!!


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