Sunday, June 28, 2009

Life is UNFAIR

Life is unfair... Since when is it fair?
Why life is unfair? Take a read~~

1. Michael Jackson died. He DIED. At the age of 50... Of heart attack. It is undeniable that he was one eccentric weird soul but he was also one creative and unique artist that inspired so many style, moves and was truly a King of Pop. Of all useless people on Earth who are quite qualified to contest in the Darwin's Award and wasting energy and resources on Earth, someone as talented and as special as Michael Jackson has to die. Life is unfair, non?

2. Our very knowledgeable and wise Health Minister has decided to name Swine Flu H1N1 "SELESEMA BABI", literal translation : "Pig Flu". Why so dull and uncreative in naming things? Bird flu originated from bird and is called Bird Flu. Swine flu NOT from pigs also called Pig Flu. Doesn't science proved that Swine Flu DO NOT originate from pigs? Can't the entire department be a little more creative and name the disease in a slightly more creative Malay term?

3. The unofficial theory of the week: "Smart girls do not get boyfriends". This originated from conversations among a few friends of mine. It seems that MOST guys (I emphasis MOST, not ALL) are highly intimidated by girls who are smarter, better and more efficient than themselves. Girls with strong personality and great potential freak guys out. Yea, even smart guys get freaked out by girls like that. Therefore, guys tend to date girls who are less capable than themselves. I seriously have a question. Does it make you guys feel better when your girlfriend/fiancee/wife is dumb? Again, life is unfair. Smart girls should get the good guys, not prepare themselves towards spinsterhood.

4. Another unofficial theory of the week: "Open-minded girls are sluts". This also originated from conversations among friends. Apparently "open-minded" is defined as promisciusity, someone who hang out and socialise well with the opposite sex, someone who is completely comfortable with being herself with the opposite sex, etc. You get the idea. Seriously, I don't get the gender segregation, even among chinese communities who are deemed more "open-minded" than our Malay counterparts. Does a girl's best friend has to be another girl? Does being friendly among guys for her tomboy-ness makes a girl a slut? Does being open-minded makes one a slut? C'mon man, Oxford Dictionary defines "Open-minded" as "willing to listen to, think about or accept different ideas" NOT being a slut.

5. Fat is ugly. This is an idea that constantly bug the current society but lately, this comment is always heard. Thus, I've made it a point to blog it here. Fat is NOT ugly. For those of you who thinks that fat is ugly,


As much as we hate to admit it, life is unfair.

Therefore, suck it up and live through it.


lynn said...

i dont like gender segregation..

and yea..why do people judge girls whose friendly with guys as sluts ?? or maybe not sluts...but they'll give u a look like as if uve done something really wrong and against the religion..[ talking about the malays..especially those from mrsm n skolah brasrama pnuh..not all lah..some of them...]
i just dont get it... maybe they should open up their minds...

ouh, for gods sake, c'mon la pple, u studied high..but u have this kind of mentality ??!!sigh~~

Ryanne said...

True. I agree with you. Maybe it is because of the environment where they were brought up. It is hardwired into their head that socialising with the opposite sex is wrong or improper.

Gender segregation is something that we should really avoid because the society not only consist of a single gender. We need to learn to socialise with both male and female.


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