Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Never Heal

Fighting the fatigue to cycle
The clock was ticking
The hands almost reach seven
I was in a hurry
And then I saw you
The world slowed down
Someone pressed the remote control
And life was in slow motion

I went upstairs, thinking of you
When I came back down
You were still there, smiling
Was I dreaming of you so much?
But dreams were shattered
Hopes were taken away
You were smiling at her
I guess no matter how long it was
Some wounds never really heal

No one knew how I felt
This is still a sensitive issue
No matter how long ago
Things never really change
Deep in my heart
Feelings never really go away
I made a promise
I will never shed another tear for you
But some wounds never really heal

Standing in the front yard
Thinking what a fool I am
Hoping for an impossible dream
There won't be a shooting star
For I will forever be the moon
Overshadowed by the sun
No matter how much I deny it
Some wounds never really heal

~I am listening to Beyonce's Irreplaceable and If I Were A Boy. Suddenly got the inspiration to write a poem, or rather some random babbling that comes to my mind.

I dedicate this poem to you, someone who no longer read my blog.
This is a piece of me that you never care to know...~

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