Thursday, June 3, 2010

Human Centipede First Sequence - A Review

I watched this movie purely because Nicholas did a review of it. And I approached this movie with "three parts horror and one part curiosity".

Alas, curiosity kills the cat...
Luckily a cat has nine lives... And I am not a cat...

Basically, this story is about a mad surgeon who wanted to relive his glory days of conjoining stuff by replacing his dead surgically conjoined three-dog with humans. He kidnapped three tourists in Germany and surgically join their gastrointestinal tracts together, like mouth to butt hole. He then trained this "human centipede" like his dog until one day these humans rebelled against him and in the end everyone died a bloody death except the middle piece of the human centipede where she was trapped in between a dead "head" and a dead "tail" and I guess she eventually died too.

I do not really enjoy the movie. But I'll have to say that this is one of the most original concept I've seen. I wouldn't call this movie horror cause it wasn't really visually horrifying, like most "horror movies" in this modern times. There wasn't even much gore or what... Okay, there were significant amount of blood here and there, but not gory or bloody.

I would definitely give credits to this movie for being one hell of a psychological thriller. Being a biomedical science student, I would say that the stuff in this movie are factually correct and the procedure was medically possible, though highly unethical.

And to think that such brilliant surgeon would actually apply science to such extent, freaks me out endlessly.

Also, I think that director Tom Six is one sadist who indulge way too much in torturing the characters mentally. To me, there were a lot of suspense and a lot of excessive scenes where I was thinking, "Yes, we get it, she is scared... Yes, she is in pain... Now get over it and move to the next scene..." But there were parts where I just can't stomach the suspense, like the part where the girl tried to escape and the whole act got dragged until so long and I was literally feeling pity for the girl cause, as the title suggested, she is going to be part of the centipede sooner or later...

But one thing where I do like about the movie is that it is realistic, down to every single detail. Being interested in forensics and blood smear patterns since I watched CSI, I was often get irritated when movies inaccurately depicts blood smear patterns. But in this movie, the blood splash and blood trail is actually consistent with reality, like it actually happened that way and not arranged to be filmed that way.

I still think that the characters are stupid in the movie. The stupidest being the two policemen, especially the second police who was so damn distracted by the death of his partner that he failed to see the bad guy in the room which eventually lead to his own death. Stupid right? And that girl who went back for her unconscious friend when she had the chance to escape. Morally she is being nice, but hell, she is not being practical at all. If she would have gone out and look for help instead of trying to drag dead weight across the lawn, she might be still alive. But, Tom Six put these stupid things so realistically that I actually give the characters a break for being irrational in times of crisis.

Ratings : 6/10. I don't really enjoy the movie but the concept and how the film was put into place was excellent. Watch out for Human Centipede Second Sequence.

For those interested in watching this movie, CLICK HERE.

Disclaimer: Please be warned that this is one of the most disturbing movies I have watched. And I had to take breaks in between this 1 hour 30 minutes movie because I just couldn't stomach the whole thing at one go. Not advisable for little kids, pregnant ladies, the faint- hearted or the weak- minded.


Anonymous said...
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Isley Chang~ said...

mouth to butt hole? YUCK~

Anonymous said...
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NohemiL_Be06威宇 said...
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lynn said...

u're so right. i had 4 breaks...just to end this movie.


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