Saturday, June 19, 2010

V - A Review

V is a reimagination of 1983 classic sci-fi series of the same name V for Visitors. I will not say that the concept is fresh since most of our parents probably watched the original V in their teens and the concept has been readapted countless times over the decades.

But I do credit the series for their excellent story- telling. Each episode ends with a cliff- hanger ending that practically makes the audiences shout for more. And the suspense and sub-plots created in the series were great too!

V is basically about reptilian aliens that disguised themselves as humans and invaded Earth. Even though they claimed to be of peace but they had already infiltrated the world in governments, private sectors and all places imaginable years before the arrival of the mother ship. The cunning queen and high commander of the V's Anna (Morrena Baccarin) manipulated humans and earned their devotion. However, there were resistance in the form of Erica Evans, an FBI agent, a Catholic priest and former army, Father Jack Landry, a sleeper spy V who wanted to save humanity, Ryan Nichols, a fanatic guy who wanted vengence, Georgie and a terrorist, Kyle Hobbes. Basically, the whole series shows the tug war between Anna and the resistance.

With the setting of the story in present days, technology and scientific fiction-facts were updated to stuff like cloning, grafting, Blue clean energy, etc, stuff that were unheard of in 1983. But I'd have to say that this series being sci-fi and all, it is seriously lack of imagination and creativity. The designs for the space crafts, the space shuttles, the alien technology, everything is very imaginable and cliche. The producers didn't even try to impress us with the fact that the V's are more advanced than humans.

I also felt the lack of chemistry between characters. Erica Evans is so... predictable. Father Jack Landry is suppose to be confused but I can clearly see that he is acting "confused". Not convincing at all. Ryan does have this short of weird face symmetry that slightly suggest that he is alien, but the acting sucks...

The only person I actually enjoy watching is Chad Decker, the journalist torn between his loyalty to fame and his ethics.

Like I said before, the only thing that kept me watching all 12 episodes is the way the story was told. There is always this little hints, the fishing bait, cleverly placed somewhere in the episode and you will have to watch the next episode to find out what is really happening. And I was eager to find out who are the traitors, who are the spies, who are the sleeper agents, and the suspense never fail to work on me!

Ratings : 6/10. Not exactly appealing to me. But I would love to watch season 2, just for the story- telling.

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Isley Chang~ said...

espionage's story is great when added with sci-fiction~


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