Thursday, June 17, 2010

Black & White Debut

We performed two songs on the Biological Science Night, marking the debut of our acoustic band.

*Video credits to Cheryl Hew*

We performed acoustic covers of Mr Brightside from The Killers and also Falling Slowly from Once OST and made popular by Kris Allen.

ALL the members of our band are Biomedical Science students, proving that not all science students are nerds! Kumutha is our lead vocalist while Yong Shiang is our lead guitarist. I am the backup vocals and rhythm guitarist. Yi Fan the drummer didn't join us in this performance.

Photo credits to Wei Cheng and Mr Yuen

I had so much fun preparing and rehearsing for this performance! Unfortunately, we were so nerve-wrecked on the performance night itself that we kinda screwed up. Not to mention the technical problems that night. I was kinda disappointed at myself while playing Falling Slowly. I practiced so hard for the song and I was anticipating the harmonising effects of my classical guitar with Shiang's acoustic guitar. Alas, BOTH my vocal mic and guitar jack wasn't working. Kudos to UTAR technical team.

But but but...
The best fun was during the auditions. We went for audition twice and the performance during 2nd audition was the most fun performance I have ever put up so far!

I am looking forward to learning new songs, collaborating with different singers and guitarists as well as more future performances!

My dream came true.
I performed on stage to a crowd!


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