Sunday, June 13, 2010

Biological Science Night 2010

The Biological Science Society of my campus held a Charity Night to collect donations for SPCA. On this very historical night, our band performed for the very first time to a crowd!

Our band is an acoustic band named Black & White, since all the members LOVE black and white. Yong Shiang and I played the guitar while Kumutha took the vital role of the lead vocalist.
*Ok la... I know the title is Biological Science Night la... But my personal highlight was the performance mar*

Anyway, we had a lot of fun even though we didn't really perform that well on our debut. Technical errors, tsk tsk tsk. I also learned a lot from UTAR's celebrity band Got-Zeal-Lah.

Without further ado, allow the pictures to do the talking...
I do not own any of this pictures. Photo credits goes to Cheryl Hew, Kumutha Priya and Ashley Goh.

First of all... HUGE THANKS to my housemates and friends who came to support us!
From left : Nicole, Vee, Cheryl, Me, YY, Kumutha, Ashley, Kar Yee, Vanezsha

The Leng Lui's in Biomedical Science

More Leng Lui's from Biomedical Science

Getting ready in the waiting auditorium

See how "act cool" Yong Shiang was before performance!
By the way, that sweet guitar in his hand was Andy's guitar that cost RM3000!

Guitars that Andy lend us for the performance.
Sad to say, our campus technical equipments sucked through the roof which resulted in performers coming up with equipments and stuff on our own!

Yong Shiang testing out Andy' electric guitar.

I am posing with Andy's electric guitar!
Do I look like Orianthi? *Faster say YES*

A picture with UTAR model search Top 5
No, that wasn't his natural skin. It was face paint ok!

Kumutha with Kenny and the guitar!

From this experience, I totally understand how important communication is between duet guitarists!

I doubled as backup vocals in our first song which was Mr Brightside from The Killers.

Huge thanks to YY and Nicole for lending me the costumes!
Someone thought I looked very rocker chic!

Our entire band - BLACK & WHITE
Yi Fan (Second from left) as the drummer didn't join us in this performance

Black & White and Got Zeal Lah.
Deepest appreciation to UTAR's "celebrity band"! Without their technical support and equipments, B&W would be so screwed!

Got Zeal Lah in action.
They performed FIVE songs that night... All totally ROCK OUT!

Also, thanks to Boon Ho who volunteered as our voice coach and musical arrangement inspiration.

Thanks to Kumutha, who dared me to dance with Yong Shiang,
now I have experienced waltzing with a guy.
Of course, thank you Yong Shiang for the dance.
Thank God I didn't step on your shoe or what!

I also want to thank my beloved roomie and "lou kong" CHERYL HEW for providing transportation for rehearsals and listening to my amateurish play day-in-day-out!
*I know you don't like pictures, so I don't post lo*

I also want to thank Kar Yee and Zach for fetching us to and fro rehearsals at the most inconvenient time. Sorry for the trouble but thanks for doing this!

Thanks to Benjamin Chang for all your kind "performer's advice" and all the encouragements!
Sorry to make you jealous la... =)

Okay, before this post becomes a Grammy thank you speech, I just want to tell the world how hype I am from this experience. And I cannot possibly have done this without the support of my friends!

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