Monday, February 1, 2010

Touch Screen Guitars from Australia

Misa Digital Guitar is essentially an innovative MIDI controller with a large multi-touch touchscreen display that controls the sound.

Here's a demo clip..

There are no strings on this futuristic instrument; it is powered by the Linux operating system, has 24 frets, MIDI out, and an Ethernet port.

Don't have to worry about scratch nail polish and peeling finger skin anymore!!
But it sort of takes the fun out of playing guitar... *Ok... Playing guitar is my favourite excuse to frequently change nail polish*


FJ said...

even though i dont play guitar or actually any musical instruments, i think that one is so so cool!!! oh hey, can i ask something? is guitar hard to learn?

Ryanne said...

guitar is not hard to learn at all. in fact, guitar is much easier to learn than piano or violin or anything. just check out youtube or google. that's how i learn!


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