Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This Love Is Not Simple At All

I was an avid fan of David Tao ever since primary school. However, there was one phase of my teen years that I was so in love with English songs that I sort of stopped listening to chinese songs.

I heard David Tao's voice again last night. And I couldn't stop the looping on the player. He is just FANTASTIC!!

I am so inspired to learn this song 爱很简单 (Love Is Simple).
But this love is not simple at all!!

The more romantic piano version of the song

Of course, the original by David Tao!! He is like the TRUE ROCKER in the chinese music industry. Yes, I personally think that he surpassed Wu Bai, LeeHom and many more in terms of ROCKING!!

I am so in love!! **with the song la**


kenwooi said...

i like david tao's ai hen jian dan and jiu shi ai ni! =)

Ryanne said...

David's Liu Sha is not bad too. Generally I LOVE his songs!!


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