Friday, February 5, 2010


I have been listening to JJ Lin a lot.
I really love his voice. And he is one of the few Chinese artists who can sing good English songs.

I am very very addicted to this song now! Shu Neng Sheng Qiao (熟能生巧)

This the English version of the same song, "Down".

This is another one... "Hui You Na Me Yi Tian" (会有那么一天)
Love the lyrics as they are very meaningful. It sang of the endless love between his grandparents.


FJ said...

I agree with you that JJ Lin can sing well. His voice is what I'd say one of a kind.

I love his songs too, but the 3 songs you were saying, I'd never heard before. But I'm listening to them now.

Ryanne said...

These songs are kinda old... like long time ago... his latest albums are not bad too. but i really like those two i posted because of the melodious tune and the very meaningful lyrics!!

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