Sunday, February 21, 2010

New York I Love You - A Review

I thought it was a romance movie like Love Actually or the recently overrated Valentine's Day.
Alas I was wrong...

Ok, this movie has its fair share of romance and very very sweet moments. But at the same time very practical and realistic. It is a story of ordinary people living in the Big Apple, with their ordinary but very plausible lifestyle, and their ordinary but very plausible way of falling in love with people around them.

This is not a movie where audiences were being cheated on the typical head-over-heels, over-in-cloud-nine, you-jump-I-jump romance. This very brilliantly woven story involves people who are interconnected with each other in a funny way and some of the short story wasn't even about falling in love with human beings.

Among many short little stories in the movie, the most memorable ones are Natalie Portman playing a Yiddish woman in love with an Indian man but had to marry a Yiddish husband.

Also, an English songwriter played by the very handsome Orlando Bloom with his o-so-smexy accent finally meeting Camille (Christina Ricci) after many phone calls and the audiences are left to imagine what might happen between them.

The funnier ones are Anton Yelchin finally got his dream come true with a method actress and also Maggie Q playing a hooker being "seduced" by a writer.

*Guys, learn from this fella here... A woman's ear is said to be the most erogenous. Yup, more than the g-spot or whatever you guys call it.*

Anton Yelchin got his dream came true with a method actress who pretended to be crippled so that she can tricked him into bringing her to prom and get screw hanging on a tree.

*Ladies and gentlemen, do not try this anywhere unless you are absolutely 100% sure the branch is NOT crawling with red ants or too brittle to support your girl*

There are abstract pieces like Shia LeBeouf's story which I totally do not understand.

And Shu Qi's emptiness when she found out about the death of a painter whom she didn't know at all.

*Shu Qi in soy sauce and napkin*

There is also one story I find particularly quirky. Two person smoking outside a restaurant talking about sex with a perfect stranger and then it was revealed that they were in fact husband and wife and she was just trying to turn him on.

My favourite is at the end, the old couple. The wife was nagging about the husband non-stop and he was trying to act all macho despite a broken hip. They were married for 65 years and were on the way to the beach to celebrate their anniversary. The moment of silence between the two old couples were my favourite. It so reminds me of my own parents though they are not THAT old. LOL!

*Very very very very sweet*

This movie screams of diversity from the amazing cast of actors of all ethnicity, many genre of music fused very nicely into one movie (I would love to have the OST. Anyone?), many interesting stories from literally all walks of life, all centered in New York City.

Ratings : 8/10. Very unexpected. Raised many issues and questions in my head. Very artistically filmed, with wonderful soundtrack. Definitely one of my favourite thought-provoking movies.


Nicholas C said...

Learn from him? He totally embarrassed himself in front of a hooker

renaye said...

thanks for the recommendation. it's hard to imagine sometimes of how people can love each other for over 60 years.


Ryanne said...

Nicholas, ok, not learn from him learn from him... He totally suck at talking anyone into sleeping with him...
Learn from him as in don't jump right into action but spend a little time making the girl happy first...
And of course make sure one is not sweet talking a hooker into sleeping with oneself of course!

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

hmm,.,.,maybe i will like this one..since i love realistic movies :)


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