Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Up and Down

I went to Cameron Highlands with my family last Wednesday and Thursday. A friend of my dad is kind enough to rent us her vacation apartment in Tanah Rata to stay in. The trip was really really fun!!

I'll let the pictures do all the talking ;)

The pictures are all taken with my handphone. Quality aren't exactly tip-top but good enough la... Damn I wish I own a DSLR!!

On the way to BOH tea plantation

From the "hanging cliff" of BOH tea plantation

Yours truly... Ryanne... ;)

Me and me mum

My Teacino with a dash of vanilla

Introducing my SS bro, Raymond

Another SS picture of him waiting for my parents outside the toilet

Damn Raymond is TALL

A brief visit to the Smoke House

How can a trip to Cameron Highlands be complete without pictures of flowers?

German kids running on giant vegetables

My mum devouring a huge corn!!

Ryanne futilely try to "act cute"

Raymond "filially" hold my handbag for me
He looks like a handbag model right?

My dad checking out the sky

Me dad, Raymond and I
Mum was MIA~~

This is the most fun trip I have had in years!! I mean, this is the FIRST time my university semester break coincide with school holidays. And this is the FIRST family vacation we had in years. Although it was only two days, in Cameron Highlands (I used to hate that boring place) but it was really fun spending time with my family ;)

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