Sunday, December 13, 2009

Left 4 Dead 2 - A Review

I didn't play Left 4 Dead. So no comparisons between the former and this latest instalment of zombie shooting spree. But this game alone is one hell of a game.

I wasn't really much of a gamer. And I am definitely not pro in this game. But this game really got me addicted to it!! It has 5 different maps and it allows single players, campaign players and versus mode. Single players, well, as the name suggested, you play alone as the survivor. Campaign mode and versus mode is a collaborative game where a hub and a host is needed. Campaign mode needs a maximum of 4 players, playing the human survivors battling the infected. Versus mode needs a maximum of 8 players, with alternate chances of playing the survivors and infected.

According to my friends who have played the first instalment, they said that the maps were longer this time. And there is the additional melee weapons and more insane gun power. Imagine AK 47, mounted machine guns, military snipers, grenade launchers and many more. Melee weapons include the chainsaw, katana sword, crowbar, an electric guitar (WTH?), cricket bat ( I like this one) and many more.

The species of infected also increased. We have a female version of boomer, the jockey, the hunter, spitter, charger, tank and many more. It is actually quite disgusting and bloody. But when you actually play the infected in versus mode, gosh, it was fun!! All you have to do is collaborate and attack the FOUR humans, compared to playing humans and shoot whatever that is moving.

Overall, this game provides the adrenaline rush to make you lose all image and curse rather loudly in cybercafes. Also provide you with enough horror to scream like a girl when you appear to be the macho muscle guy. Of course, female gamers often surprise the guys with how good they are at leading, shooting, screaming and screaming (applicable to certain female only).

Ratings : 7/10. Best zombie killing I've ever played. More convincing and exhilarating than House of Dead or Zombieland.


Mr.Clive said...

i still havent tried fully left 4 dead 1,so btr try that one first b4

Ryanne said...

thanks for the advice.
i wasnt really a big gamer... just played since most of my friends are shooting zombies away... hahaha... sure, i will try left 4 dead 1 when i get the chance to :)

Mr.Clive said...

i prefer a relaxing game though.this kind of game is not good for me heart.:P

Kelvin said...

My cousin got so addicted to it, tat he failed his exams...den my aunt gave the game to me lol.

Ryanne said...

clive, its good to have the heart racing some times!!!

kelvin, wah!! what is your aunt trying to achieve ar? *joking only la* but seriously, try the game. i am a relatively new gamer so it feels fun to me!!


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