Wednesday, September 8, 2010


To Look Up

Addicted to taking pictures of the sky. Really.

Looks like a rush of pure white air out of no where!

Love the natural layering of the clouds!

And the layers changes so fast!
This was taken like 5 minutes apart from the previous picture.

I kinda love the contrast.
It feels like light at the end of a concrete jungle!

What does it looks like to you?
It looks awfully like a phoenix hiding within clouds to me!

This looks like a horse riding on clouds!

Dang~ I love how little things in nature makes me smile

To Look Down

We are always in a hurry so that we can move on to the next thing. How often do we look down and pay attention to food?

Tako from the local night market

Fried "scallop" and potato rolls

Once in a while, splurge on Secret Recipe Oreo Cheese Cake.
Puts a smile on your face. GURANTEED!

This is the way you eat mushroom soup!
With loads of cheese powder.
To Look Right In Front of You

Sometimes, it takes a battle of wits to challenge the brain a little.
And then snap right back to studying.

I have always wanted a set of glass/crystal chess set.

My favourite piece on the board.
The Knight!

But someone is plotting to take away my knight
Alas, he failed.

Until the next post.
Finals is around the corner. So probably not going to be so active for a while.

To my dear UTAR friends, GOOD LUCK in your finals.

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insane said...

your camera focus on me... LOL
Good luck in final exam ^^


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