Wednesday, September 22, 2010


There is only one other thing to do during Study Week and Finals, besides studying and sleeping more than I should.


Home made herbal soup with rice

Dinner from local night market.

Mini burgers and fried dumplings

Fried crabs, fried scallops, dumplings and mini burgers
*Awesome finger food*

The crab shells after makan =)

Black sesame soup from OriNat
*RM2.50 worth of bliss*

Cappuccino waffles from a dessert shop near Ktar, We Dating

Pearl Tea from We Dating
Green tea grapes and Cappuccino milk tea
*I like this place because you don't have to order directly from the menu.
You can mix and match and fuse all sorts of flavour,
whether it is milk tea or green tea or even jasmine tea!*

Dumplings from Which One Cafe

Homemade Spaghetti Carbonara with mushrooms

Nasi lemak ayam from Maha Maju 2

Roti Maggi from Maha Maju 2

Guitaring under the moonlight...
Never done this before!

Accompanied by the lights from UTAR students studying...

BERTAHAN!! Finals is going to end soon!

1 comment:

insane said...

actually is tiramisu... not really nice.. hahaha~

1 more to go~ tahan there~ jiayou =)

美好的中秋夜晚,感谢有你~ ^^


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