Saturday, August 28, 2010

Open Your Eyes

Snow Patrol has a song - Open You Eyes.
*Lovely guitar riffs and great bass*

Little things that would normally go unnoticed,

Unless you Open Your Eyes.

Biggest rose I've seen in my life!
It's really HUGE.
*Thank you*

We had two tests last week, no doubt I didn't do well in both.
Alas, my brain doesn't have enough capacity to store all those info.


On a much lighter note,

I was walking home on a hot sunny evening.
Darn, it was like, 6pm. And the sun is still searing the back of my neck!
But the clouds were perfect!

And we found this on the way home!
Another uniquely shaped leaf!

I never noticed how beautiful the lakeside view was...
Until I actually walked this part of the path.
PS: Usually I don't walk this way to Block B, so I didn't really pay attention.

Dawn is AWESOME!
The blueish hue and the white clouds!

And I visited the temple this weekend,

The beautiful lotus lake~~

Another beautiful lotus...

Life is just much more interesting =)

1 comment:

insane said...

I love the pic that u take at dawn... its so beautiful~ ^^

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