Friday, August 20, 2010


Another crazy week filled with tasks and reports and assignments and tests...

Alas. The life of a student...

Anyways, since I am so stressed up lately, I try my best to find joy in little things in life. I find this extremely effective since the small little things that nature offers can brighten up my day =) Now I am rarely troubled by the words of anger, disappointment, jealousy or dissatisfaction by other people. Really, to people who are stressed, I strongly suggest this "therapy". Just look around, and give thanks.

It was one HOT searing afternoon while I was walking home...
But the clouds seemed to be smiling at me ^^

The beautiful view of dusk at the lake side...

The road to home is so.... enjoyable... =)


First of all, I had a SPECIAL breakfast on monday =)

TWIN banana!!!
Extremely filling!

Dinner with my parents the weekend before last at Vegas Cafe.
This is the hound dog burger, which is LARGE... And very sour!

My lunch last Sunday...
Spaghetti with Cheese and Herbs, and extra mushrooms with crabsticks =)
The crabsticks a little over-boiled though...

My latest favourite accessory <3

See, nature does provide little reasons for us to be happy of.
All we have to do is just to stop and look.
*Nicole saw this very uniquely shaped leaf on our walk to the lecture hall. Nice eh?*

Until the next time I am free to update my poor half-dead blog...

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insane said...

I love the second and the 8th pic~ hehe
Got feel~ >.<"


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