Thursday, March 18, 2010

MGS Girl Guides Camp 2010

Finally, I hijacked some pictures from Facebook and some of my own improved photoshop-ed pictures.

This is MGS 4th Girl Guides Annual Camp 2010!
*Let me SS a bit... I started the first Guides camp in 22 years of MGS history. Damn bangga it is held annually now!*

Let the picture do the talking...

Flag ceremony test that almost drove Mei Ping insane!
By the way, I totally do not agree with lowering the passing standard to accomodate higher passing rate of people who almost don't know how to raise a flag.
Imagine the embarrassment if we actually send you to international events.

Good old days of making gadgets and tripods...
I miss those days man!

They climbed up Bukit Bangkong...
Too bad I didn't join due to my own insanely busy uni schedule

Reaching the top!
Left : Ms Sawaran, Ms Komathy, and the bunch of insane senior Guides.

Organising committee and campers!
Great job to these Guides!
Proud to say that they did a better job than I did!

Yi Ying and her partner in crime!

Trying hard to start the fire...
I only joined the campfire on Saturday night.

The fire was so small at the beginning.
*OMG.. Guides who don't know how to start campfire. Shake head*

Until grow a little bigger

Until so BIG... Almost charred the porch roof!
*Raining mar... So have to start the fire in the porch lo*

The no more pictures for campfire night...
Cause I was too busy eating...
Whoever's idea it is to marinate the chicken with curry powder and kicap with no honey for BBQ, eh, actually your recipe not bad ar!

I hope to join you all next year, as a full-fledge guider myself!
Thanks for the wonderful time girls!

Salam Kepanduan ;)

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wwaahh~!! i wanna experience that as well~!!! the campfire!! i wanna try making one!!!

love love xxx
ayu :3

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