Friday, April 16, 2010

If You Don't Do Anything, No One Will...

I came across this blog, Planet of The Monyets and got to know about Tiger BlogFest 2010.
So in response to this event, though I don't think I can do much in my little blog here, I still feel obliged to share with you all, this critical issue - The extinction of a species.

Notice that the tiger they found in the woods, weeped tears, from those pair of majestic eyes.
Also note that the commentator said that there aren't any practical measures taken due to miscommunication of the state and federal government. Are the politicians only in seats for money, fame and the supposed fight for human right? Haven't they humiliated themselves enough to actually focus on important issues - Fighting for tigers' survival? It would be such great irony where our national emblem has two majestic tigers, while Malayan Tigers are being ruthlessly poached in our very own territory.

As Emily Dickinson puts it :

A Dying Tiger

A Dying Tiger—moaned for Drink—
I hunted all the Sand—
I caught the Dripping of a Rock
And bore it in my Hand—

His Mighty Balls—in death were thick—
But searching—I could see
A Vision on the Retina
Of Water—and of me—

'Twas not my blame—who sped too slow—
'Twas not his blame—who died
While I was reaching him—
But 'twas—the fact that He was dead—

Tiger is the heritage of the world. A player, a predator and a living organism of our biodiversity. And now it is being hunted for the bare skin on its back, the medicinal values within its very flesh and bones. It is now, on the brink of extinction.

If we, as human, do not act upon this violent against tigers. Then we, should be ashamed that we call ourselves sentient beings.


Monyet King said...

Ryanne, this is an excellent entry. I will list your blog as one of the participating blogs in the Tiger Blogfest. You can either repost this article or write soething similar/new next week.
Send me an email if you need any info.

Isley Chang said...

felt sorry for the tiger. but what can people on the street do? gather a group and go to the street and protest?

Anonymous said...
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