Friday, April 30, 2010

Adagio by The Celtic Tenors

I am really addicted to this song at the moment.
Have been playing it on loops since... I don't know when... Haha...

This is a very beautiful vocal rendition of this century-old song.
Love how the tenors controlled their vocals and how they project the emotions into the song.


Gives you goosebumps doesn't it?

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Suddenly I am very addicted to this duet...

David Cook vs David Archuleta in American Idol Season Finale.

I personally feel that it is a fusion of two distinct styles. Cook is obviously a rock singer while Archuleta is more sentimental. Obviously Cook has the advantage here since his rough rugged voice suits the song very much but Archuleta really shone as a star here, holding the song equally well.

Cool eh?

Year 1 Trimester 3

I am at the end of Year 1...
I gotta tell you guys this : Time flies when you are having fun!

Anyway, didn't really take much pictures this semester. Mostly because I wasn't that active in events this semester, plus, all academic stuff have robbed me of my time to go shopping, thus no new clothes to camwhore with...

Anyway, I have some pretty "academic" pictures to share with, and of course, some highlights of this semester!

Cell Biology was fun this semester. A lot of cell viewing and not a lot of reports to do...
There are several interesting microscopic slides I want to show... Hehehe...

This is a root tip.
We were suppose to identify the plasmodesmate, which is a transport channel between cells.

This is a spirogyra. I simply admire such organisation and biological design in this small cell.
I particularly like the spiral shape DNA and the plastids.

This... Is what I do in Cell Bio lab...
Playing Substance-Tarik with test tubes, literally...

This... Is what Kumutha do in lab...
She advocates PEACE!!

Serious work time... For Kumutha at least...

This is a protein test.
The purple test tube tested positive for protein by Biuret's reagent;
the blue one is the negative control test.
I like the hue of the colour.

This is a very unorthodox Iodine test for starch.
This is a pulp of mashed potates...
Iodine solution turned into blue black smiley face due to the presence of starch!

This smiley face, however is brown...
This is because this onion pulp has no starch...

I also enjoy Anatomy & Physiology II lab a lot this semester, mainly due to the very nice lecturer Dr Michelle and of course, the lack of reports to rush...

This is a slice of your small intestine, ladies and gentlemen.

This is a microscopic slide of that is inside your balls, gentlemen.
See those small little dots in the centre? Those are your not mature baby sperms...

This is how normal breast tissues look like...

This is how lactating breast tissues look like...
Lactating means mothers that can feed breast milk la...
Notice how much the tissues expanded to accommodate the milk...
Very painful process...

I'd consider the urine test experiment as the highlight of our A&P II lab.
See how we so carefully labelled the cups as to avoid confusion ;)
*I wonder what will happen if one really mix up the urine collection cup and the drinking cup*

Champion in urine production!!
Drink the least amount of water, but produce the most urine!

The four very very honoured urine supplier!
I was the tester that gets to play with syringes and test tube!!

Okay... Put aside academic stuff...

Huge thanks to Charine, Sok San, Kar Moon, Si Feng and all the organisers!

And Happy Birthday to Yong Shiang again!

Looks yummy right?

Yummy le...
Chicken marinated with curry and... erm... I am not quite sure what the other one is...

I do what I do best... EAT!
With Nicole!

Zach looks like he is advertising for some... Don't know what product! LOL!

And we were requested to do one emo pose...
I wonder what Kumutha is trying to do...

This semester was fun! I hope next semester is going to be equally kick-ass!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Big Bang Theory - A Review

I have officially finished two seasons of The Big Bang Theory! *Yea, I know I am a little slow*

This is a half-hour sitcom which tells the story of two physics geeks living next to a dumb blonde while another two geeks frequently visit the aforementioned two geeks. The main characters are experimental physicist Leonard Hofstader, theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper, geeks Howard and Rajesh and of course, the dumb blonde, Penny. No offense to blondes, seriously, but this girl in this particular set on this particular show IS a dumb blonde.

In my humble opinion, the most interesting and most attractive part of the show is the geekiness within. Their extensive comics, figurine, video games, costumes, etc obsession; Their scientific jargoons applied in the most common daily routine (Surprisingly I understood them); Their very very big ass theories and hypotheses used as anecdotes where apparently only the four geeks understood (Again, surprisingly, I've read some of them before); Their tortured genius living among "commoners" OCDs and many many more.

My favourite character so far is Sheldon Cooper, played by Jim Parsons, who is seriously geeky, a tortured genius with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and a royal pain in the ass. He has a sky-rocketing IQ of 187, a child prodigy with multiple degrees, a strict adherence to routine and is extremely logical and smart. He also has no sense of humour, very heavy on sarcasm, lack of understanding of irony and is a arrogant fella with completely no sense of humility. Sounds a little like Dr Gregory House. To me, he is THE life of the show. Leonard is too kind and too normal to be genius, even when he is one; Howard is funny but mostly disgusting; Rajesh is... erm... silent... So, the obvious outstanding character is Cooper!

The plot for each episode is quite simple actually. I can even watch it over dinner, ensuring my tummy has half an hour to efficiently digest my meals. But, there are plenty of space for character development and certainly very entertaining. Ok, if you are not a science geek, probably you will think that these four guys in the show are losers because you have nothing to relate to them. However, if you have even a small glimpse of geekiness in you, you may be able to relate to some of the characters and actually understand their jokes.

Ratings : 8/10. Not for people who think they are very cool. Certainly NOT for people who think geeks are losers.

*PS : Who has Season 3? By the way, I have moved on to Fringe for the time being... *

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Seven Nation Army

Splendid choreography in So You Think You Can Dance Season 5 group dance!

Love the crunching and popping moves! And that guy with the liquid popping fingers! Cool man!

*I thought rock songs as geng as Seven Nation Army is hard to dance to... But they proved me wrong with this rock-ass piece!*

Friday, April 16, 2010

When I Am Feeling The Blues

This is the song that I listen to...

Dear Lord, give me strength to carry on.
Dear Lord, give me strength to carry on.
My home may be out on the highway,
Lord, I've done so much wrong
But please, give me strength to carry on.

Dear Lord, give me strength to carry on.
Dear Lord, give me strength to carry on.
My home may be out on the highway,
Lord, I've done so much wrong
But please, give me strength to carry on.

Not a very religion person myself. But it has gotten past more than one storm.

If You Don't Do Anything, No One Will...

I came across this blog, Planet of The Monyets and got to know about Tiger BlogFest 2010.
So in response to this event, though I don't think I can do much in my little blog here, I still feel obliged to share with you all, this critical issue - The extinction of a species.

Notice that the tiger they found in the woods, weeped tears, from those pair of majestic eyes.
Also note that the commentator said that there aren't any practical measures taken due to miscommunication of the state and federal government. Are the politicians only in seats for money, fame and the supposed fight for human right? Haven't they humiliated themselves enough to actually focus on important issues - Fighting for tigers' survival? It would be such great irony where our national emblem has two majestic tigers, while Malayan Tigers are being ruthlessly poached in our very own territory.

As Emily Dickinson puts it :

A Dying Tiger

A Dying Tiger—moaned for Drink—
I hunted all the Sand—
I caught the Dripping of a Rock
And bore it in my Hand—

His Mighty Balls—in death were thick—
But searching—I could see
A Vision on the Retina
Of Water—and of me—

'Twas not my blame—who sped too slow—
'Twas not his blame—who died
While I was reaching him—
But 'twas—the fact that He was dead—

Tiger is the heritage of the world. A player, a predator and a living organism of our biodiversity. And now it is being hunted for the bare skin on its back, the medicinal values within its very flesh and bones. It is now, on the brink of extinction.

If we, as human, do not act upon this violent against tigers. Then we, should be ashamed that we call ourselves sentient beings.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cold Water

Damien Rice. Wonderful singer. Soulful sad voice. Very nice guitar play.
I don't know why I am so into the slow romantic acoustic guitar play. Maybe that's why I can never graduate into electric guitar. Cause I really like that mellow sound of classical guitar pick and that sharp piercing hum of acoustic guitar strum.

Enjoy this one... Love the harmonisation by Lisa and that absolutely smart fuse of tribal chanting.


This is a wonderful piece I stumbled across yesterday. It is currently playing on loop on my player.
Love the lyrics. Love the guitar plucking. Love her voice.

Sing along if you want to... Cause the lyrics are simply beautiful

If roses are meant to be red
And violets to be blue
Why isn't my heart meant for you

My hands longing to touch you
But I can barely breathe
Starry eyes that make me melt
Right in front of me

Lost in this world
I even get lost in this song
And when the lights go down
That is where I'll be found

This music's irresistible
Your voice makes my skin crawl
Innocent and pure
I guess you heard it all before

Mister Inaccessible
Will this ever change
One thing that remains the same
You're still a picture in a frame

Lost in this world
I even get lost in this song
And when the lights go down
That is where I'll be found

I get lost in this world
I get lost in your eyes
And when the lights go down
That's where I'll be found
Yeah yeah

I get lost in this world
I get lost in your eyes
And when the lights go down
Am I the only one

Saturday, April 10, 2010


YY showed me this piece of extraordinary dance performance from So You Think You Can Dance Season 6.

Instantly fell in love with the music... A rendition of Yellow by Vitamin String Quartet.

I am also extremely impressed by the dance moves. It is a combination of hip- hop, B- Boy, breaking, popping and many other distinct styles. Seriously admire their physical strength to hold the dance!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Can't Help Falling In Love With You

When I listen to the song, and feel its emotions...
I think I grasp the emotion of each beautiful note...
Like a melancholic rendition that sang of unrequited love...

I really want to dedicate this song to you...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Moon - A Review

This one has been sitting in my hard disk for quite some time...
I expected the movie to be some freaking show like Sunshine starring Chris Evans, Michelle Yeoh or something... It really was like that at the beginning...

But as the story developed, I really begun to like the main character. This movie is really one heavy weight acting movie. Sam Rockwell carried the whole movie, with the aid of the voice of Kevin Spacey as the intelligent robot GERTY.

The movie was about Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) being the only personnel on moon to harvest clean energy. Two weeks before being deported back to Earth, he started having hallucinations and crashed his Rover. Next, Sam woke up in the informatory with not much memory of what happened. Later it was discovered that there were clones of Sam Bell in the harvesting base. The rest of the story was quite interesting, watching two clones interacting.

I love the soundtrack of the movie the most. The music played with our emotions perfectly. The soundtrack really amplify the sadness of the movie. There wasn't much action or thrill, but more of a psychological thing, watching how two person with the exact same personality interact, how they beat the crap out of each other and then helped each other. It was like watching twins but they were the same person.

I really have to credit Sam Rockwell in his superb performance. He doesn't really say much but said everything through his eyes. Those sad lonely eyes defined the older Sam clone, like he really missed home. And when he found out about the truth, those sad eyes showed despair and hopelessness. Meanwhile, Rockwell portrayed the younger Sam clone to be one hot- headed, hot- tempered, fresh person who has yet to endure his three year duty alone on the moon. Really enjoyable to watch!

Ratings : 8/10. Not much of a plot. Almost feels like watching Hurt Locker, like you don't know what to expect next, only this one is much better acting and much better concept.

The Only Exception

I am absolutely in love with Paramore's new album Brand New Eyes!!!

Current obsession is this song... The Only Exception...
Love the acoustic play!

I am so going to learn this song!

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